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24/7 Emergency Assistance

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24/7 Electrical Assistance

Do you need an emergency electrician?

One call to us and we can assess your situation and provide a solution. Whether that be a safety concern of yours or a power failure. We will have an engineer on the road within 15 minutes

We offer 24/7/365 electrical assistance.  Whether you require out of hours advice & safety queries or you need a generator to power your home or business we've got you covered.

When you call us and require our attendance, we will allocate an engineer and they will be on the road within 15 minutes for your peace of mind.

Out of hours call outs are charged on an hourly rate which you will be informed of when you call as this varies

We do not charge a call out or mobilization fee

24/7 Emergency Power

If you require emergency power we can provide the solution.

Within 15 minutes of your call we will assign an engineer to you and they will be on the road within 15 minutes for your peace of mind.

They will assess the situation and discuss the immediate options available

We have a couple of our own trailer mounted generators that we can bring with us. If you require large emergency power we can get one delivered to site normally within a couple of hours

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